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Ivy Piotrowska

creative management

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Ivy Piotrowska

IVY Iwona Piotrowska


I have conducted a hundred of interviews with the most renowned figures in the realm of culture, film, music and fashion for 10 years of work as a TV and social media journalist. I have gained experience by honing journalist’s craft at the University of Warsaw and under the guidance of distinguished newscasters, operators and editors.

Work in the mass media has also made me familiar with relationship between a manager and a star. In order to schedule an interview and cover a material I have usually kept in touch with Managers. I have been introduced to the real public relations. I have learnt to be patient, well-organized and consistent.

Travels, and especially New York where I lived, opened up my mind to new challenges. Many artists and individuals connected to the sphere of culture, movies, music and vogue I have met on my way had advised me to guide people and be engaged in their image and professional career. Not only be their Manager, but first and foremost manage their PR, contact with media, negotiate contracts and look after a coherent image with a special attention.

I have followed thoroughly what specific needs the artists have. How much the Management, which not only deal with technical aspects of management and career, but do handle a directly led Artist above all, is missing on the market. They take care of his/her image, by creating a shared vision and establishing a contact with public opinion and properly manages the development of his/her career, having a base of experts on law, brand building, make-up & hair care at their disposal. This is exactly why I have set up IVY CREATIVE MANAGEMENT.

Work as a Manager poses quite a challenge to me, but it is also a correct choice made by behind of as successes achieved by persons, who have trusted in me give me an incredible satisfaction, vital energy and drive for further actions.

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